Tower of Green Pockets

十一事務所 × 潘冀聯合建築師事務所|XRANGE x JJP Architects & Planners


Tower of Green Pockets

十一事務所 × 潘冀聯合建築師事務所|XRANGE x JJP Architects & Planners


辦公大樓波浪形表面造型除了形成島嶼綠叢空間之外,也提升了整棟建築的環保機能。大樓南向及西向帷幕牆若是平坦之設計,外牆整體就會長時間受到持續性的日照直射影響,其熱負荷相當可觀,在能源資源上為了維持室內之舒適溫度,將會產生永久性的消耗。以人為出發點的「綠叢空間」衍生出來的弧形的帷幕牆表面,因應著日照的路徑,在延綿凹凸的外牆產生了活躍的光影變化。帷幕牆內凹處的影子形成了外牆的遮蔽,避免外牆整體任何一區會長時間受到持續性的日照直射問題。 因此,波浪外型設計的大樓表面有效減輕了建築本體的日射量,並提升節能效應,形成冬暖夏涼的辦公大樓。



Green Pockets are refuge islands of greenery for resting, mingling, brainstorming and meeting. For the high tech workers in the office tower, these informal social spaces provides crucial relieve from the uniform efficiency of cubicles.

Lining the south side of the tower, Green Pockets are vital places for fresh air intake, oxygen production and smiley faces. Expressed as large “flutings” on the exterior, these Green Pockets form the distinctive wavy curtain design of the office tower.

The human-centric wavy form concept resulted in great environmental benefits. As the sun travels across the sky during the day, shifting pockets of shadows are created within the wavy folds of the tower, thereby shielding shifting portions of the curtain wall from direct and continuous solar heat gain. In the winter, the wavy folds become heat pockets. The temperature of the wavy curtain wall thus stays cool in the summer while gaining desired heat in the winter.

The tower houses 19 floors of offices, a dining hall with garden patio, a gym and a yoga studio. On the ground floor, there is a cafe and an exhibition gallery dedicated to environmental awareness and ecological preservation, which are key to the client’s core values.

The highlight of the public programs is a auditorium with a unique wooden roof structure that reinvents the traditional Chinese dougong (squared system of stacked and cantilevered timber structure) with engineered wood. The modernized dougong roof structure resembles a diamond lattice formed by modular 8-point stars nodes with curved ends. These unique star nodes stack and cantilever, achieving greater height and airiness.