那魯灣文化聚落 Naluwan Culture Center


Naluwan Culture Center

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Gathering center

What is a “center of gathering”? Is it a hut constructed of wood? Can it simply be a tree to fulfill the requirement? When it comes to the idea of “gathering”, it should not be constrained by the boundaries space; clear boundaries formed by walls are not necessary when defining a gathering center.

A terminal on 17km coastline

Along the 17 Kilometers Coastline of Scenic Area in Hsinchu, there is not a place to stop and rest on Naluwan Street. The design of the Naluwan Cultural Center turns the site into a terminal or a gathering place where indigenous peoples, residents, and visitors can exchange their experiences and viewpoints.


It is quite touching when looking out to the ocean with the horizon stretched on all sides and to the farthest reaches. There is nothing but the ocean. Is it possible that the cultral center blends into the surroundings? Though artifacts cannot mimic nature, creating a building that can be treated as part of its environment has always a topic we focus on.

Fluid motion

When the Naluwan Cultural Center stands alone without visitors, it merges with the landscape quietly. When people come, wind and light entice them to explore and interact freely. Curve walls, transparent glass doors, and undefined rooms encourage visitors to walk around parading through these spaces causes curiosity. We imagine that water flows all over the wetland and hermit crabs crawl on sand. These natural forces and energy grow endlessly


Normally, the building is the most important part of an architectural tour. However, enjoying the view should take much more time than staring at the Naluwan Culture Center. Because of the elevated lookout point, visitors have the opportunity to feel the surroundings. The standing wall restricts the sight to one side only. Therefore, the whole experience of walking up to the top is like hiking. After the journey leads visitors to the top platform, they have already unintentionally browsed the spectacular panorama of the coastline.

Conscious curve

The curve walls that seemed to settle casually are formed by the exact calculation base on sun angles. In order to maintain efficiency of construction, the curve walls are arranged in precise patterns. However, visitors will not realize that the space is designed based on only four curvatures. All they will do is interact and move between these curves freely and spontaneously.