憨人書院 Academy of Orizental Arts


Academy of Orizental Arts

虫二空間設計 × 禾青藝術 | Chong Er Studio × Hochin

「憨人書院」作品,位於台灣苗栗縣三義鄉龍騰村的青山叢林之中。憨人書院院長陳倖平先生原本在半導體公司當經理,在三十二歲時意外與佛結緣,辭去半導體公司的經理職務。受佛學影響,陳倖平先生開始研究沉香與茶文化,「憨人書院」也由此而生。「憨人」台語裡代表忠厚、老實,算不上誇獎,帶點「傻勁」的意思。陳倖平先生認為「憨人」並非意指傻子或呆瓜,而是指憨直善良的人。具備此種特質的人,感性層面遠大於理性層面,通常他們並非以自身的利益為考量去做事業,而是以將事情做到盡善盡美,符合人們的需求和利益為前提去思考和發展其本職,此種精神稱為 「憨人精神」。




"Fool's Academy" is located amidst the verdant mountains of Longteng Village, Sanyi Township, Miaoli County in Taiwan. The director of the Academy, Chen Xing-ping had been working at a semiconductor company as a manager. When he was 32, a surprise encounter exposed him to Buddhism, and he subsequently resigned from his managerial post. Under the influence of Buddhism, he became immersed in the study of incense and tea cultures, and the "Fool's Academy" was born. In the local dialect of Taiwanese (Hokkien), "fool" is not exactly a compliment but refers to someone who is honest and loyal and with somewhat foolish tenacity. Chen believes the term refers to someone who is kind and straightforward, rather than stupid or dull-witted. People with this type of quality act more on sensibility than rationality. Usually, they commit to something not based on their own interests, but rather with others' needs and interests as the premise as they develop their work and strive to achieve perfection. He calls it the "fool's spirit”.

Chen sought out his good friend Lin Jun-yi to design the academy. A designer born during the tail of the agricultural era and trained in woodworking, Lin values a return to nature and finds beauty in authenticity and modesty. As two like-minded persons came together--one passionate about passing on legacy in arts, culture and lifestyle aesthetics and the other an ingenuous designer, a bamboo house in the form of a traditional bamboo hat grew out of the tranquil and peaceful land. With his passion in crafting unique works and unencumbered creativity, Lin designed a structure that naturally blends into Nature. Those who enter the space slow down and relax without knowing, and they are imbued a sensitivity to their inner spirituality that settles their minds to a serene state.

Fools are not those who are eccentric, dissident, maverick and unsociable. On the contrary, they are able to co-exist in harmony with others and Nature and live according to the natural rhythms and balance of the universe. Balance is the greatest wisdom in life; there needs to be balance with heaven and earth, between life and work, and between people.

Whenever there is imbalance, life spins off course, relationships are interrupted, and Nature strikes back. This is a kind of wisdom that we must reflect on and learn throughout our lifetime. Fool's Academy is a place focused on a balance between mind, body and soul. With arts and culture and lifestyle aesthetics as starting points, we bring together those with the fool's spirit to learn from each other's life experience and return our hearts to a serene, natural and simple state.