水院子 Pond House


Pond House

半畝塘環境整合|BMT Architects



A modern house situated right by the water. A bold idea maximized the inner court’s water area, creating a unique waterscape and house design. Inside the Pond House, the seating area extended across the living room, the seats are designed to lower the viewing angle allowing people lounging in the living room to be visually closer to the water. The sloped roof over the veranda also serves the same purpose of directing people’s views to the water, making the landscape reflected on the water a center piece of the Pond House. Opposite of the L-shaped main house is an independent wooden tea house, this design choice separated this residence on the water into two dimensions -- a main house and a secondary house. Going between the two spaces will allow the house owners to change and readjust their moods. All the activities inside the house revolves around the semi-open veranda, and the narrow bridge that connects the main house and the tea house completes a walking circuit.

Pond House is not merely an architecture on a waterscape, it is an ecological ark. Pond House collects water through its rainwater collection system on the roof to provide a sufficient and clean water source for the pond. Having this water source made it possible for the ecological waterscape to be created, and restoring freshwater fishes that are native to Taiwan’s rivers. This is the blueprint for BMT’s future residence plan, every house has an opportunity to be an Ark for the wildlife. Residents living in these houses will have the means to restore wildlife native to Taiwan, creating aesthetically beautiful landscape while nurturing wildlife, forming so-called Eco-system Service to human beings.