Overlap House

Overlap House

平田晃久建築設計事務所|Akihisa Hirata Architecture Office



Over time, a city adds new folds of history to an existing history, giving it a distinctive flavor.

This is akin to the conditions of a life form, which incorporates and displays the history of evolution through its body.

This seemed like a good way of increasing the degree of life there. I focused on the three formative layers of the city: the local terrain, houses with gardens, and materiality and color. The site abutted a relatively steep slope. This inspired me to make a building that would connect with the sloping road as an extension of the city’s ground surface. By combining this with the given condition of designing a multiple dwelling complex consisting of three houses, I arrived at the idea of layering the houses. In addition, I covered the roof and walls with a streaked slate pattern that seemed to mimic the nonchalant coloring of various elements in the surrounding town. By breathing life into the city’s history, I created architecture that was both new and familiar.